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The Team
Proudly 100% Australian Owned & Based

Steven Camarda

“We are all incredibly proud of what we have achieved so far with ArmaCool, we want everyone to know that our backgrounds all stemmed from playing the grassroots sports that all kids play. Growing up in Perth we all played cricket in 40c + temperatures and we just couldn’t believe how much we would all sweat out on the field. Coming from the rag trade we all knew there had to be advances which were being ignored by the big brands, so literally about 10 years ago we all said ‘enough is enough’. Let’s focus on this and revolutionise this industry as nobody else is going to do it.


Having also played soccer, footy and a number of other sports and being a Fremantle boy I am of course a long time South Fremantle Bulldogs member and supporter. I am a proud father of two beautiful children with my wife Lisa, who in the past few years have all loved testing our prototype ArmaCool garments when playing sports”


Chez, Courtney & Steve

Chez Cecchi

“I have spent most of my working life dealing with customers either directly in the workwear industry or the sports industry, and I wish I had a dollar for every time one of these customers would ask if we had any apparel or clothing to help keep them cool during work or sports. It was blatantly obvious that every day sportspeople and outdoor workers were pleading for clothes which would offer genuine cooling, wicking and drying properties, which also had to have industry leading levels of sun UPF protection.


So when the opportunity evolved to develop this range, I jumped at it as I had personally had enough of the marketing hype and spin of the big brands promising the ‘world’ but delivering little. I have to say, I didnt think it would take us 10 years to develop our range but following that decade of intensive R&D we proudly now lead the global sports apparel industry and back this up with the absolute most exhaustive and extensive scientific testing ever carried out on the cooling performance of sports apparel.


Born in East Fremantle I am a proud East Fremantle Sharks supporter, and with my wife Maria and our two wonderful boys we are heavily involved in the local sports community."

Anna Camarda

“Having run one of WA’s leading workwear companies when I saw the vision for ArmaCool all those years ago I jumped at the chance to be a part of this journey. As a mother of four children who all loved and still play sports I have seen and bought my fair share of sports apparel and knowing the clothing industry as I do, I was often surprised and disappointed by what was out there. As a mother of a sports made family I loved the vision we all share for ArmaCool, but it was also very important for me that our range of products offered exceptional value as well. Families today have enough expenses in their lives to worry about, so as a brand we all wanted to make sure that kids playing sports today could wear the absolute best sports clothing at exceptional prices."

Courtney Makins – Sports Apparel Design Consultant

“As a recent fashion design graduate of Curtin University I jumped at the chance to join ArmaCool as a design consultant and to help develop their really incredible brand and the global vision they have. The team at ArmaCool have all worked for some of the biggest sports brands on the planet and they know and have worked with some pretty amazing designers, but as they said from day one to me, they wanted an up and coming local Perth designer to be a part of their team and journey. I have loved every step of this ArmaCool adventure and seeing the incredible performance of their exclusive cooling fabrics has opened my mind and has blown me away with what we could and have achieved.


Having just launched our Cricket range at the 2016 Telstra Perth Fashion Festival Cool Fusions Event, the response to and on that night has been amazing. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think some of my designs would be shown on the runway at such a prestigious and globally watched event.


Courtney, Chez & Steve at Curtin University

I have loved every minute of my time with ArmaCool and am so honoured to be a part of the ArmaCool team. We all can’t wait to design and develop the ArmaCool range for every sport in the world using what are the amazing CoolCore fabrics."

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