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Fishing for the Future
Finally, a real & dramatic cooling revolution is coming to the Fishing & Outdoor apparel industry … and ArmaCool is both proud and excited to soon be offering the worlds best, coolest & most advanced apparel in this field.

If ever there was an industry that has taken advantage of the passion people have for fishing and the outdoors it is this one.


As you saw in our History the founders of ArmaCool share a collective passion for the ocean and outdoors and the genesis behind our mission was indeed born on a fishing boat many years ago.


Combining our expertise in apparel and the pure absolute proven science behind our fabrics it was a given that we would apply this to the Fishing & Outdoor fields. Drawing on the design expertise of our partners such as Curtin University and the 100 plus years of our combined fishing & outdoor apparel experience in 2018 we are super excited to be releasing these products in our ArmaCool range.


For too long outdoor hikers and fishos have sweated away in so called 'specialist' fishing & outdoor shirts which as far as we are concerned are nothing more then expensive and over priced normal or every day fabric shirts without any independent scientific testing behind any of their cooling / drying / wicking claims. We are happy to stand corrected here but over the past decade our extensive research could find little if any independent scientific laboratory testing of fabrics in the fishing & outdoor fields.


The ArmaCool Fishing & Outdoor range will change that and revolutionise this industry.


This range is currently under development and undergoing an exhaustive range of testing here at ArmaCool. For us testing and honing our range of fishing & outdoor apparel is a passion and absolute labor of love for us.


We however, would also like you to be a part of this. We are keen to hear from passionate enthusiasts like us to be a part of comprehensive ArmaCool testing & feedback trial where you will get wear and test our range and which will be absolutely free for all participants.


The only thing we will ask of you is that you complete and submit all your feedback forms to ensure that we develop and design a range with features supported and loved by every fisho and outdoor person. We will also ask that you follow the ArmaCool Facebook page to stay in touch with all of our the news and developments.


This ArmaCool Field & Development testing program will be open to participants across Australia and we also welcome some international participants as well. This test program will run from early to mid 2018 with our final Fishing & Outdoor range due to be launched in late 2018.


Please feel free to Contact if you would like to be a part of this and we will be in touch with you.

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