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Our Story

ArmaCool was born with one very simple mission and absolute goal in mind … and that was to revolutionise the global apparel sports industry by finally using the absolute latest advances in fabric technology from across the world.

Australian Design Expertise – Proudly Leading the World


ArmaCool was born to achieve one very simple mission and goal in mind … and that was to revolutionise the global apparel sports industry by finally using the absolute latest advances in fabric technology from across the world.

For too long the sports apparel industry has seemingly ignored the incredible advances in the latest generation and range of cooling fabrics to the great detriment of consumers and sports at both the professional & recreational level. The large global sports brands seemingly have no problems paying athletes millions of dollars in endorsements and sponsorship yet puzzlingly do not use their vast resources to embrace and seek out the incredible advances in fabric technologies.


Given our substantial background in the sports industry this endless driveby brands to ‘out sponsor’ each other has never sat well with us. Surely most consumers today are more interested in wearing apparel which is truly offers real high performance outcomes that has been proven through independent hard core scientific research.


The first roll to arrive

This disenchantment with the sports apparel industry was the slow growing seed that resulted in the founding of ArmaCool. About a decade before launching ArmaCool, we made a pledge to leave no stone unturned to research, design and develop the absolute best in high performance sports apparel on the planet, no matter how long or what it took.

We ourselves have over 100 years of combined experience in the sports and apparel industry including having worked for some of the biggest sports brands in the world so we know the sports apparel industry backwards. Please click here to meet the ArmaCool Team.


Ten years later in 2017 we are proud to launch ArmaCool starting what is the absolute best, coolest and most advanced cricket clothing ever made. Cricket is the first sport on our agenda to be followed by a wide range of other sporting codes.


Following this decade long quest of ours to revolutionise the global sports industry we have learned an incredible amount about the latest in high tech 100% chemical free cooling fabrics.



As a small Fremantle based start-up we are proud to be leading the global sports industry with our scientifically proven range of sports apparel which outperform every other sports brand on the planet.

Keeping cool

That is a big claim we accept so we have no problems repeating it … starting with Cricket and then AFL, ArmaCool leads the world with our scientifically proven sports apparel which is the best, coolest and most advanced sports apparel on the planet.


Not only do we lead the world but our range also offers incredible value as ArmaCool will never pay people to wear the brand. When you see a sports brand on T.V., you know that you are paying for that brand every time you buy their garment. When you see an ArmaCool range on TV please know it’s being worn because that athlete requested to wear it and was never paid to endorse it.

As part of our mission we were determined to use the vast abundance of


Keeping fit

incredible local Perth apparel designing talent across all our range of garments. So much of this is normally done offshore which is a great shame given the talent of local fashion designers.


Collaboration with Curtin University

To formalise this, ArmaCool established an exciting Collaboration with one of Australia’s leading tertiary institutions Curtin University. This collaboration drew on Curtin Universities fantastic skills, knowledge and technology through a formal course and program that enabled highly motivated students the wonderful chance and opportunity to work with a real industry based focused project.


This collaboration was the perfect example of industry engaging with the incredible expertise of a leading university and truly creative minds of its students. Please do see our range of Videos for more about this.


Such was the success of this collaboration that ArmaCool was actually invited by the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival to be a part of its Fashion Week and present the design work and outcomes. Cool Fusions – Fusing Fashion + Tech was an amazing night which attracted global attention given the revolutionary advances launched.

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