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Proudly at the forefront of revolutionary scientific fabric advantages & technology with all cooling & performance results proven & validated by the world’s leading independent fabrics laboratory & testing institute.

The key vision for ArmaCool from day one was the non-negotiable goal of utilising the best and most advanced scientifically proven cooling fabrics on the planet.

With our extensive background in the sports apparel industry it is astounding that most of the larger sports brands in the world use fabrics that either have ‘zero’ or very little independent scientific testing behind them. Their claims about cooling, or wicking, or drying are in our opinion nothing more than marketing hype and rhetoric.

This lack of any real or independent scientific testing pays little respect to consumers who as usual deserve better and more. Whether you are a casual wearer, recreational sportsmen or an individual or team requiring the best from your high performance athletes at ArmaCool you will never see or read marketing hype or rhetoric. You will, however, see an incredible amount of real independent scientific testing that stands behind ArmaCool. Our decade-long quest to research, develop and use the world’s leading cooling fabrics means ArmaCool manufactures the undisputed most effective cooling, wicking and drying high-performance sports apparel on the planet.


ArmaCool and CoolCore Fabrics

CoolCore Fabrics are the world’s leading cooling, wicking and drying sports apparel fabrics as proven by the latest independent scientific testing carried out by the prestigious Hohenstein Institute in Germany.

ArmaCool is the very first brand in the world to use CoolCore as part of its range of cricket apparel and this has now and will continue to expand into other sports. After so many years of researching pointless ‘so called’ cooling / wicking / drying claims by brands and other fabric makers, at ArmaCool we are now proud to be partnering with the world’s leading high performance cooling fabric manufacturer.


True Hardcore Scientific Independent Testing

Claims made by brands can only ever really be validated when they have undergone real completely independent testing by appropriate testing laboratories. If ‘internal’ testing results by brands are claimed then the results & testing procedures should be available for peer review and secondary testing to confirm validity through independent scientific testing.

The Hohenstein Institute in Germany is considered one the worlds most advanced and respected independent fabrics testing institutes and they also lead the world with their technology (WATson) and testing of the cooling / wicking / drying / wet cling performance of fabrics.

The ArmaCool ‘Powered by CoolCore’ range of apparel is guaranteed the best, coolest and most advanced apparel on the planet and all achieved with fabrics that are completely 100% chemical free.


Athlete Thermal Heat Comparison Test


Cooling Power Tests


36% more cooling power than Leading Athletic Company “B”
50% more cooling power than Leading Athletic Company “F”
78% more cooling power than Leading Outdoor Company “C”
30% more cooling power than Leading Athletic Company “D”
40% more cooling power than Leading Athletic Company “E”
25% more cooling power than Leading Outdoor Company “A”


Drying Power Tests

The ‘Drying Power’ of fabric is a critically important component of its ability & efficacy of achieving a high-performance sporting outcome for an athlete. Fabrics that saturate with sweat and do not dry quickly are a major impediment and disadvantage to any athlete – thus a fabrics ability to dry quickly is a crucial aspect of allowing
athletes to perform at their highest level. The lower the value in this test the better the fabric dries.


Wet Cling Test

Developed by the Hohenstein Institute, the ‘Wet Cling Test’ gives a relative value of how much a fabric “clings” or sticks to a person’s skin when wet. All athletes know the feeling or apparel that sticks and clings to their body restricting free movement when sweaty and wet. The lower the value the better the fabric in this test.

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