Customer Service Guarantee
The ArmaCool Premise & Promise

The World's Best, Coolest and Most Advanced Sports Apparel on the Planet.

ArmaCool is driven by the simple, though often forgotten, premise and goal of not only meeting our customer’s need but exceeding their expectations. We plan to ensure that every single one of our customers is our best form of advertising and that all of you will become our brand ambassadors and a key part of our success.


Indeed, our global sports apparel revolution will be driven by all of our customers, as we promise to not only WOW you with the incredible world leading cooling technology of our fabrics. but also the absolute latest in cutting-edge styling and high-performance design. All of this at pricing levels and value which will lead the industry.


The ‘ArmaCool Referral Program’ will genuinely reward both you and your referral to create a very simple growth synergy going forward. The larger ArmaCool grows, the more we will invest into our apparel research and development programs across all sports.


Some have laughed at our decade-long quest to discover and research our fabrics, to design and develop the world’s best range of cricket apparel, but we know our customers are reaping the rewards of our work.


An example of our focus on ensuring your absolute customer satisfaction is our “100% Money Back Guarantee” on our ArmaCool range of socks.


Sports brands come and go, some succeed and some fail. As the Founders of ArmaCool, we know that our success will be solely and totally dictated and driven by you, the customer. Given the amount of work we have done over so many years, we are very comfortable with that.