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The revolution of the AFL begins with the worlds most advanced AFL jerseys all delivered Factory Direct from ArmaCool for incredible value.

Following a wide ranging program of research and an in depth analysis of kinesiology (the movement of the body tested under all expected AFL scenarios) it became clear to us that AFL Jerseys needed to perform under 3 clear and distinct parameters.


1. Fit, Comfort & Unrestricted Ease of Body Movement

No matter what, all sports jerseys must fit comfortably and offer the wearer the full range of unrestricted ease of body movements under all AFL scenarios and in all weather conditions. We frankly could not believe that some AFL fabrics still used by brands today actually absorb and hold water be it rain or sweat. Our ArmaCool AFL Jerseys and the highly specialised fabric we use are design for Fit, Comfort & Ease of Movement.


2. Exhibit The Lowest Possible ‘Tackle Ability’

Given the incredible importance of players being able to break tackles in the game of AFL it is astounding that many fabrics used today in AFL jerseys actually make it easier to tackle and hold a player. After testing virtually every known fabric used in AFL jerseys it is absolutely perplexing just why and how you could even consider using these fabrics at any level of AFL let alone at the elite level of the game. A player and a team wearing these “High Tackle Ability’ jerseys are absolutely tackled and held far easier. The industry and AFL teams spend millions on sport science and elite training regimes yet the outfit their players with jerseys which actually makes it easier for the opposition to tackle and hold their players. The players jersey is probably the most important part of their equipment yet seemingly zero thought has gone into crucially reducing the tackle ability of their players. Whilst ArmaCool would like to share and show the parameters used in our extensive testing programs for fabric ‘Tackle Ability’ given we now lead this industry here this is very much now proprietary. Importantly, we will however show every AFL club and team who wishes to test, feel and compare our ArmaCool AFL jerseys to any others to prove just how well our specialised AFL jersey fabric performs in any ‘Tackle Ability’ test.


3. Keeping AFL Players Cool

As world leaders in keeping athletes cool, needless to say it is paramount for AFL footballers at all levels to keep their body core temperatures as cool as possible. Keeping athletes core temperature as cool as possible is effectively the holy grail of sports scientists all around the world. At ArmaCool, we proudly lead the global sports industry with our revolutionary range of the proven best high performance cooling, wicking & drying apparel. We covet clothing cricketers with the best & coolest cricket apparel on the planet and we now look forward to revolutionising the AFL with our superb range of cooling AFL jerseys.


At ArmaCool we are driven to see athletes at all levels experience the incredible difference our high performance sports apparel can make in all sports. Just like all of our other apparel, in the sport of AFL our factory direct distribution model ensures all clubs and teams can order our superb high quality high performance AFL Jerseys at what we believe are industry leading prices as well. Our revolution of the sports apparel industry will thus always and also be built upon ArmaCools absolute value driven philosophy to outfit grassroots sports clubs and teams across Australia and the world with the best quality & high performance apparel at competitive factory direct pricing.


Contact us to see and order the fantastic ArmaCool range of AFL Jerseys.


AFL Edge – Available Now

Superb quality AFL Jersey using ArmaCools specialised fabric for the ultimate in fit,

comfort & unrestricted ease of movement

Industry leading low ‘Tackle Ability’ offering players genuine advantage over their

opposition and our famous body core temperature cooling performance

Value & pricing guaranteed by our unique ArmaCool ‘Factory Direct’ supply philosophy

Unlimited colour & designs

Full size range from Juniors to Seniors

Mens & Womens designs

Contact ArmaCool for ordering & super fast delivery


AFL ICE – Coming 2019

The most scientifically and technically advanced fabric ever specifically developed for the AFL. Following an exhaustive & extensive Research & Development program our 100% totally ‘Chemical Free’ AFL ICE fabric is nearing final testing, completion and certification. Stay tuned for what will be a quantum & mind boggling leap forward for the athletic performance & comfort for AFL players at all levels.

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